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5. Project partners

Kartenausschnitt der Regionen Schlesien, Nord-Pas de Calais und des RuhrgebietesThe regions of Silesia, Nord-Pas de Calais and the Ruhr Area belong to the largest former steel and mining areas in Europe and have similar problems caused by structural change: By the phase out of mining and steel enterprises and the close-down of coal-mines, pits and plants several immense sites became wasteland, jobs - in the producing sector and corresponding in the serving sector - got lost, cities and city quarters got an negative image. Results are migration, loss of trade tax and increased social costs. In the three partner cities large central sites became wastelands and several jobs got lost. While in Germany the "Deutsche Steinkohle AG" and in France the "Charbonnieres de France" are committed to a socially acceptable reduction in staff, in Poland the former employees in the mining sector only get low compensations.

To stop this development by the background of empty city and country treasuries, the three regions are endeavour to find new utilisations for these wastelands considering the defined regional fields of competence. Common aim of all partners is the development of new jobs principally in small and medium sized enterprises. Wastelands are always a chance for the future as well as a challenge: The sites are very important for the city development because of their central position, huge potentials adjoining the city centre and the complex economic, ecological and forming structure. The sites' contamination (physical, chemical) is different because of different former utilisations. Therefore the sites require extensive measures before new uses may be settled.