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Sub-Project - "Regeneration from dereliction: A developing and marketing / investor's guide"

1. Chronology:

March 2004

Encouraged by Dorsten's twin town Rybnik representatives of the "Projektgesellschaft Fürst Leopold mbH", City of Dorsten and "WinDor GmbH" participated in the "Regional conference" in Düsseldorf to catch up on the basic conditions and support requirements. During the thematic conference "Industrial Restructuring" in Lille Dorsten, Rybnik and its French twin town Liévin agreed on a cooperation within the range of "SME development". Dorsten assumed the project's formulisation and the application in regular consultation of the cooperation partners.

April 2004

Meeting of Dorsten's Mayor Lütkenhorst and Rybnik's Mayor Fudali in Rybnik to discuss the project.

Mai 2004

In the frame of visiting Dorsten the project was presented to some representatives of the City of Rybnik.

June 2004

In the frame of a ceremonial act, relating the 10 year town partnership between Rybnik and Dorsten, the "Letters of Intent" have been signed in Rybnik in the presence of a representative of the "Council of Europe", Mr. Böhm.-
The application was filed in time to 30th June 2004.

Aug. 2004

On 27th August 2004 the project has been selected as one of 9 projects

Okt. 2004

Start of the 18 months lasting project was the 1st October 2004 Project leader's attendance on the "Kick-off-conference" of the "Integra-sites"-project in Cologne.

Dez. 2004

First thematic conference on 06./07. December 2004 in Dorsten

Jan. 2005

Meeting of project leaders and the French partner in Liévin to clarify internal questions

Feb. 2005

First financial and progress report

March 2005

Development of a query concerning site-recycling in the regions

April - May 2005

Independent work out / answering of the query

May 2005

Meeting between project leaders and the French partner in Dorsten to prepare the second thematic conference in Liévin Participation of the project leaders in the concluding conference of RESCUE in Herne

June 2005

Second thematic conference on 13./14. June 2005 in Liévin

August 2005

Midterm-Workshop on 26. August 2005 in Lille

August - November 2005:

Elaboration of the single subject areas by the local working groups - co-ordination and collection of results by the project leader in Dorsten:

  • Best-Practices-Handbook: interviews with experts, answering of the query, layout etc.
  • Investor's guide: determination of structure and layout, elaboration by the local working groups

October/November 2005:

Preparation of the 3. thematic conference in Rybnik/Poland

December 2005:

  • 3. thematic conference on 08./09. December in Rybnik
  • Preparation of a query with consideration of new perceptions (Best Practices)

January 2006

Answering of the new query by the local working groups

February - June 2006:

  • Investor's guide: Development of the investor's guide (regional/local passages) by the local working groups: collection of material, interviews with experts, translations, coordination, compilation, development of layout and printing by the sub-project-leader in Dorsten.
  • Best-Practices-Handbook: Analysis of the new query, interviews with experts, collection of material, compilation and printing by the sub-project-leader in Dorsten.

May/June 2006:

Preparation of the final conference in DorstenJune 2006: Final conference on 26./27. June in Dorsten.

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