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3. thematic conference

The third thematic conference took place on 08. and 09. December 2005 in Rybnik with great attendance of all three project partners.

The first conference day was used by the hosts to present the foreign partners the city of Rybnik and also different interests and formations of the site-recycling process in Silesia. The experts‘ speeches dealt with the following topics, which have been presented appealingly:

  • Development of the site-recycling process in Rybnik and its region
  • Development concept for the area of the historic coal mine "Ignacy"
  • Activities of the "Polish Mining Communes Association"
  • "Tropical Island" - Example of a revitalisation project
  • Activities of ZOWER Ltd. as an example of the development of post mining areas
  • Mining issues in Western subregion

After every presentation the participants got the occasion to ask the experts or to discuss.

Teilnehmer der 3. Themenkonferenz The afternoon of the first conference day was used by the project leader to present the project's process and the status quo and to discuss the further process. Within the process new perceptions have been attained in the local working groups as well as in the frame of collection and analysis of the results, which should be examined more intensively. Therefore the project leader will develop a new query near-term, which should be answered by the project partners as soon as possible.
Structure and layout of the investor's guide have been over-worked once more and first results have been presented exemplary. To receive a comparable presentation and a nearly similar size of the articles of the single project partners the project leader will work out the single chapters concerning region, city and areas and send it to the partners, who will work out their own presentations following these examples. The single presentations will be combined to a guide by the project leader.

Based on the new perceptions and the necessity of a more intensive consideration of some topics all partners agreed to prolongate the project. The project leader will now prove the conditions and formulate an application.

The second day of conference was used for inspections. First the participants got an insight in the activities of ZOWER Ltd. On the area of a slag heap the rest-coal is regained by a special technical process. The project partners have been very interested in this new procedure, which reduces the heap's size and the fire danger and also amortises the investment. Also the plans for the future use as an area for leisure activities have been presented.

Bild der historischen Zeche Ignacy On the way to the historic coal mine "Ignacy" the participants got the occasion to see former and still working pits in Rybnik's area. The coal mine "Ignacy" shall be used as a visitors centre in the future. A highlight are the steam lift machines, which have been presented to the partners on a round tour and during the presentation of the development concept. Finishing a miners choir arranged a concert in the neighbouring community centre.

The conclusion of the conference formed a visit of the Higher Education Centre in Rybnik, which is also a good example for site-recycling. The buildings of the former hospital are now used for the university and as a guesthouse for guest lecturers and a radio station. Within an interview with the local radio station the project's participants provided their experiences during the conference and gave information about the project.

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