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2. thematic conference

On the 13. and 14. June 2005 the second thematic conference took part in Liévin.

Based on the different subject the make-up of the working groups have been different from those of the first thematic conference in Dorsten. While the subject in Dorsten was the procedure of site-recycling, here marketing was in the foreground. Therefore also experts from economic promotion and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce have been part of the working groups.

The hosts used the first day to present the project partners the City of Liévin, the mining history and the problems and chances caused by the decay of the mining industry. Besides experts‘ speeches also inspections visualized the subject.

Inspection: Conference participants from Rybnik

Inspection: Conference participants from Rybnik 

The project partners from Poland and Germany were very surprised about the concentration of the development in the range of sports. Besides a sports university there is one of the biggest roofed athletic sports stadiums with adjoining accomodation facilities. This range will be extended in the next years.

At the end of the first day the project leader presented a short overview about the actual state of the project and about the further procedure concerning the conclusion of the best-practices-handbook.

Model of procedure Best-Practices-Handbook

The next day the participants discussed at a common breakfast with the mayor and representatives of the municipality and the council possibilities and procedures.

After that Mr. Herr Patrice Delattre gave a lecture on the economic, social and city-planning conversion of the coal basin. He pointed up descriptive the arising problems and chances.

A member of "Mission Bassin Miniere" presented afterwards the possibilities to develop an attractive region. Hereby also the leisure sector plays a decisive role. But problems are caused - as well as in Germany - by the drainage. The lakes arised from lowering are often used for sports and leisure and enrich the appearance of the region.

Mr. Laurent Deprez, employee of the chamber of commerce and industry, presented the economic development of the region. The reion "Nord-Pas de Calais" profits by e.g. a very good geographic position. As well as in the "Emscher-Lippe-Region" the French developed so called "Areas of expertise". Priorities of economic development are: logistics, sports economy and environmental industry.

As a conclusion of the experts‘ speeches Mr. Jean-Luc Deprez presented the development of the sports sector in Liévin. The high value of Liévin within the range of professional sports, which is already reached, shall be improved in the next years - e.g. on the former mining areas.

In the afternoon Miss Samia Gaci directed a discussion about the structure of the second handbook - the investor's guide. The rough structure, which was developed hereby, will be written out by the French project-partner and send to the other partners - including the report of the second thematic conference. The partners check the structure and transmit possible ideas to the French partner. The final structure will serve each single partner to work out the neccessary data.

Diskussion investor's guide