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4. First thermatic conference

On 06. and 07. December 2004 the first thematic conference, the so called "Kick-Off-Conference", took place in Dorsten. Unfortunately the French partner was not able to take part because of unsettled competences. The first day was used to present the sites of Dorsten's coal mine "Fürst Leopold" by a location's presentation and an inspection and to deliver basic information about the region, the city and the sites.

Bild der Zeche ZollvereinArena auf Schalke

Afterward the group started a tour to some good examples of structural change in the region: e.g. "Arena AufSchalke", "Zeche Zollverein", "CentrO".

This provided an insight into the wide spectrum of possibilities for new utilisations on former industrial sites. Besides uses of industry and trade the sites - depending on position and condition - are also appropriated to uses of culture and leisure as well as of housing.

On the second day the Polish project's partner gave an overview of the Silesian region, the City of Rybnik and the industrial wastelands of Rybnik.

Mr. Pahlen, employee of the "Montan-Grundstücksgesellschaft mbH" informed the conference participants about two further projects in the range of "Industrial Restructuring": The EU-Project "RESCUE" deals with the development of an integrated holistic approach for sustainable site-recycling in Europe, the development of administrative tools and incentives and training offers. The results will be presented in a best-practices-handbook in May 2005. (more: www.rescue-europe.com)

"FLÄCHENPASS" (sites passport) is a project which was commissioned by the "Federal Environmental Agency" in the frame of the Environmental Research Plan "Demands on site-quality after the conclusion of site-recycling and monitoring concepts for their after use on former contaminated locations". The passport for individual sites contains basic data of economy and foundation and also detailed information about the sites.
(more: www.umweltbundesamt.de)

Afterwards Mr. Terbach, employee of the "Deutsche Steinkohle AG" and Mr. Hemeier, employee of the "Projektgesellschaft Fürst Leopold mbH" gave an insight into the usual German procedure of mining wastelands recycling.

During the following open discussion it became clear soon, that - in spite different states of development - the three project partners have the same objective of sustainable site-recycling and -marketing. But the different basic conditions within the regions (structure, law) demand different ways to achieve these aims. This difference and the exchange of experiences are regarded as a chance for the own work concerning the amendment of the usual procedures and the reduction of costs and time.

In the next phase the different basic conditions and procedures will be presented by the partners. On the basis of a query - with reference to "RESCUE" and the factors of sustainability - potential execution hindrances will be worked out. The results and operation directives will be presented in the frame of the second thematic conference in June in Liévin.

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